Critically Endangered Fish Species

By Hamza Akbar | May 22, 2019

Sea life is an important part of nature. A lot of sea animals are being put in harm's way because of human activities like hunting and destroying habitats of these animals. This insight shows the fish species around the world which are critically end... Read more

The Rise of Computational Modeling

By Hamza Akbar | Dec 29, 2018

Systems biology is the computational and mathematical modeling of complex biological systems. Whereas computational biology/Computational modeling is to use biological data to create algorithms and visual models to understand biological systems and r... Read more

Comey Testimony - Democratic Senators

By Hamza Akbar | Dec 29, 2018

Republican Senator BURR asked most of the questions overall, while Senator HARRIS asked the most questions of James Comey from the Democratic party. Switch to the word cloud to get a glimpse of the tone/pattern of conversation, and switch to gallery ... Read more

Top JBF Awards Cookbooks Categories

By Hamza Akbar | Dec 29, 2018

Most of the JBF Awards Cookbooks are related to General Category but in top five cookbooks every year, the beverage category has the highest number of cookbooks with the vegetarian category having the least cookbooks overall.

JBF Awards Cookbooks Mostly Contain Recipes?

By Hamza Akbar | Dec 29, 2018

While most of the categories in JBF Awards cookbooks are related to Recipies, Beverages, References, CFPPV, and Culinary Writing have most cookbook related to Wines, Guides, Resturant Techniques and Memoirs.

Open Data Sources - R Project

By Hamza Akbar | Dec 28, 2018

Most of the datasets from the R Project are about science (19), with politics (18) as a close second. The R Project is the biggest section in the Open Data Sources visualization.

TED Talks by Women are mainly about Science

By Hamza Akbar | Dec 28, 2018

Women have made significant contributions to the field of science from the earliest of times. Most of the TED Talks by women are related to science, and most of the speakers originate from the United States. Change the view to the timeline to get a h... Read more

The most persuasive TED Talks

By Hamza Akbar | Dec 28, 2018

As most of the TED Talks are related to technology, the TED Talks about culture have been the most persuasive ones.

Top Health Focus JBF Awards Cookbooks

By Hamza Akbar | Dec 16, 2018

The James Beard Foundation Awards are annual awards presented by the James Beard Foundation to recognize culinary professionals in the United States, sometimes called the "Oscars" of the food world. As healthy meals are the most important thing in th... Read more

Sickness and starvation the most common causes of death

By Sergei Larionov | Nov 21, 2018

This data is part of a specific project called the Missing Migrants Project which tracks deaths of migrants, including refugees, who have gone missing along various mixed migration routes worldwide.