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Sickness and starvation the most common causes of death

By Sergei Larionov | Nov 21, 2018

This data is part of a specific project called the Missing Migrants Project which tracks deaths of migrants, including refugees, who have gone missing along various mixed migration routes worldwide.

Missing Mexican Migrants

By Hamza Akbar | Oct 18, 2018

America and Mexico share a ~2000 mile border. Lots of Mexicans migrate to America for the betterment of their economic situation. This insight shows the missing Mexican migrants with the cause of death and map location of death.

Migrants gone Missing in the Mediterranean

By Hamza Akbar | Sep 25, 2018

The Mediterranean sea is the main route to Europe for migrants from Lybia, Syria and many other nationalities. Migrants who are either feeling from war or poverty. This region is known for the most migrant fatalities in the whole world. The major cau... Read more

Missing Migrants By Cause of Death on US/Mexico Border

By Hamza Akbar | Sep 25, 2018

As the US/Mexico border crossing is a highly anticipated issue, This insight shows missing migrants that were found dead on the US/Mexico Border by cause of death. All of these records are verified.