Fish Species of the World

Bird species across the world, along with their red list status. Data and images come from

Bird Species of the World

Bird species across the world, along with their red list status. The images come from Wikipedia.

UW Design 2017

James Beard Awards Cookbooks

A visual exploration of the cookbooks that were entered into the James Beard Foundation's annual cookbook awards from 2009-2017.

Homelessness in the US

Comey Testimony

Data gathered from the James Comey testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee on June 8th, 2017 regarding possible Russian influence in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Breaks down questions asked by each senator, their political affiliation, and Comey's response.

AIGA and Google Design Census

Google and AIGA are pleased to announce the first annual Design Census - an open and collaborative resource for understanding the complex economic, social, and cultural factors shaping the design practice today.

Global Flight Paths

World Cities

A dataset of cities from around the world visualized in an interactive map view.

Seattle Public Library Special Collections

This collection features issues of two local Seattle publications: the Municipal News, started in 1911, and The Jewish Transcript, started in 1924. The Municipal News documents the social, political, economic, and cultural history of Seattle and King County over the past century while The Jewish...

Articles Published by ISB since 2000

Since 2000, when ISB was founded, our researchers have published more than 1300 papers across a range of journals, including more than 300 in Cell and Nature.

Visitor Motivation Survey

VMS is a project by Sarah Wambold and Marty Spellerberg that surveyed the motivations of visitors to museum websites. The quantitative data was collected through each institution’s Google Analytics account.

IMDB Top 5000 Movies

The 5000 Best Movies and TV Series from IMDB

2017 Women’s March Turnout

The Women's March was a worldwide protest on January 21, 2017, to protect policies regarding human rights and other issues, including women's rights, immigration reform, healthcare reform, the natural environment, LGBTQ rights, racial equality, freedom of religion, and workers' rights. The...

World University Rankings

Founded in the United Kingdom in 2010, the Times Higher Education World University Ranking is widely regarded as one of the most influential and widely observed university measures.

Marvel Character Database

Find profiles for your favorite Marvel characters in's character database, including info on first appearances, key issues, and basic statistics.

Rolling Stone Top 500 Albums

"The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time" is a 2003 special issue of American magazine Rolling Stone, and a related book published in 2005. The lists presented were compiled based on votes from selected rock musicians, critics, and industry figures, and predominantly feature American and British...
Countries with Top Ranking Universities

By Hamza Akbar | Jan 13, 2019

According to the Times Higher Education World University Ranking, the United States has the highest number (64) of top ranking universities in the world, second to the United Kingdom.

Commute Time, Kids, and Life Balance

By Hamza Akbar | Jan 13, 2019

Respondents were asked to rank their Life-Work Balance on a scale of 1 to 10 (lowest to highest). This view compares that with the Commute Time (Journey to work and back home again) to visualize what that looks like. It turns out that those who hav... Read more

Marvel Characters - Infinity War Timeline

By Hamza Akbar | Jan 4, 2019

Here is a timeline view of the Marvel Event Infinity War which has also been made into one of the biggest Marvel film production.

Marvel Characters by Events they Appeared In

By Hamza Akbar | Jan 4, 2019

Here is a pie chart with each slice showing the number of characters that appeared in an event. While most of the characters are not specified, it appears that "Fear Itself" has the biggest collection of Marvel character appearances.

Marvel Characters in "Fear Itself"

By Hamza Akbar | Jan 4, 2019

"Fear Itself" has the largest collection of Marvel characters. Here is a gallery of characters that took part in this event.

The Rise of Computational Modeling

By Hamza Akbar | Dec 29, 2018

Systems biology is the computational and mathematical modeling of complex biological systems. Whereas computational biology/Computational modeling is to use biological data to create algorithms and visual models to understand biological systems and r... Read more

Comey Testimony - Democratic Senators

By Hamza Akbar | Dec 29, 2018

Republican Senator BURR asked most of the questions overall, while Senator HARRIS asked the most questions of James Comey from the Democratic party. Switch to the word cloud to get a glimpse of the tone/pattern of conversation, and switch to gallery ... Read more

What Kind of Projects are done in Capstone?

By Hamza Akbar | Dec 29, 2018

Capstone is the top category in projects done in UW Design 2017 in this category students work in teams to design, build, and test prototypes with real-world applications to make something useful or solve an existing problem. This view shows what kin... Read more

Female Roles by Type of Organisation

By Hamza Akbar | Dec 29, 2018

Ever wonder how the junior to leadership roles break down by type of organization? If it's leadership you're after, your chances are better hooking up with a partner and starting your own business. Change the settings and see what else you learn abo... Read more

Top JBF Awards Cookbooks Categories

By Hamza Akbar | Dec 29, 2018

Most of the JBF Awards Cookbooks are related to General Category but in top five cookbooks every year, the beverage category has the highest number of cookbooks with the vegetarian category having the least cookbooks overall.

Visualizing Immigration: Refugees and Asylum Seekers

#MassShootings on Twitter

One-Stop Job Centers: Who gets them, who gets left out?

Evolution of the Winter Olympic Games